Knowledge. Creativity. Values.

Company Overview

Axara optimizes your IT investments by delivering exceptional quality at an affordable cost by an optimal blend of delivery methodologies and strategies. Guided by a client-first business philosophy, our unique spirit of creativity and challenge allows us to offer truly superlative services.

Axara provides a broad range of services from conceptualization to actualization for software products. Several large customers have been enabled to efficiently present their businesses on the Internet by developing solutions that would fully correspond to the business needs and/or improve the existing system. By combining the right skills, time zones, and cost effective advantages to match the business dynamics , Axara delivers rich value to the enterprises looking to master the market forces.

At Axara we focus our efforts in the following areas:

  • Implement innovative ideas and latest technologies into your business and make it work for you
  • Consult and implement on Packaged Software Solutions on very cost effective models
  • Drive your business forward by offering customized web solutions
  • Ensure our services play a vital role in enhancing your Return on Investment

Axara has built its reputation by delivering outstanding program management and application development and management solutions to clients from its development centre in India. Today, we feature a full range of IT and business process services, a strong international footprint, and a mature delivery model — the right choice for commercial businesses and government agencies seeking to optimize their IT investments.

Our Mission

With a primary goal of helping organizations deliver software applications to gain market share and retain customers, it is Axara’s aim to:

  • Increase the usability and functional aspects of software applications
  • Enable building predictable, recurring revenue and cost structures.
  • Reduce implementation, training, and ongoing support time
  • Minimize overall business risk with greater information accessibility and security