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Enterprise IT Services

Successful organizations are known for maximum leverage of their investments in Enterprise-wide IT systems. With newer technologies being unleashed at a rapid pace to meet the increasing complexities in business processes, it has become very vital for enterprises to have their systems, at all times, current and available to meet the business complexities.

At Axara, we help our customers reach their true business potential and improve their performance at every step. Our vast experience in various aspects of information technology, best practices, process capabilities and strategies employed, make us ideally suited to assist customers enhance their business performance, by providing the right solution to achieve results. To achieve this, we assist Enterprises to implement state-of-the-art solutions, in the form of their Enterprise Applications to meet their specific needs. Axara, in partnership with product leaders, provide cutting-edge solutions and help you redefine the way you do business.

Axara’s ERP teams are focused on providing packaged and platform-led services ranging from consulting, implementing, deploying, supporting and managing applications in areas such as ERP, CRM, and SCM. We offer Enterprise Applications solutions from leading global vendors such as SAP, Oracle, JdEdwards and Peoplesoft.

Our services broadly fall under two categories:
Business Solutions

We, at Axara, recognize the fact that each customer need is different and provide development, implementation and support solutions accordingly. Our business solutions, apart from helping reduce the cost of developing and managing applications significantly , aid the client’s business and technology operations reach world-class standards.

Axara can help clients create new business opportunities by reducing significantly the costs of developing and managing applications . We offer a wide range of business solutions that can help transform your business and technology operations to match your expectations.

Consulting Services

We, at Axara, provide consulting to help clients use their information technology assets effectively. These are based on rigorous and proven methodologies and scientifically driven frameworks. We analyze the existing information technology environment, identify opportunities for optimization, and provide a robust roadmap for significant cost savings and productivity improvement.

Axara Value Add:
  • Standardize processes and provide real-time insight into cost-effectiveness and profitability
  • Accelerate time-to-market and increase ROI by maximizing enterprise applications efficiency
  • Migrate, maintain, and integrate globally distributed enterprise applications across the enterprise

With strong domain knowledge supplemented by deep product knowledge, backed by rich experience across application implementation, upgrade, integration, and management, Axara delivers scalable and fast-performing solutions by leveraging our industry insights and unique technology expertise.