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Product Development

Axara’s product development services address customer requirements across the spectrum of the software product development life-cycle – from ideation, research, design and accelerated development, to technical support and product value management. We back up our service offerings with strong domain knowledge and exceptional people operations and engineering capabilities.

Research and Development

Our Centers of Excellence (CoEs) for SaaS Application Development and Web Technology help our customers derive the following benefits:

  • Enhanced ability to innovate with technology
  • Control and Predictability for Quality and time to market.
  • Enhanced ability to rapidly develop products and bring them to market.

Accelerated Development

At Axara we predominantly use iterative development methodologies to create scalable, high performance products on rapid timelines. We are technology neutral – we use tools, technologies and methods that best suit the customer’s needs.

Our teams work with multiple technologies and have extensive experience in product development and associated processes, such as software configuration management, release engineering, and change management.

Product Value Management

Axara provides consulting services to enable customers to focus on value drivers like productivity, efficiency and service quality as the user base grows and the system scales up.

Continued innovation and focus on end user needs over time are essential for maintaining the vitality of a product. Axara provides a wide array of IT Services including Software Maintenance, Testing and Measurement Services that allow customers to manage product value better and realize the following benefits:

  • Reduced TCO
  • User Experience enhancements
  • Continuous innovation with technology
  • Increased product life time