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Product Startup

A startup faces many daunting challenges as it moves along the path from an idea on paper to a full-fledged company that can stand on its own. But who says a bootstrapped startup can’t succeed?

A lot of entrepreneurs think they need piles of money to make their startup a success, but that’s not always the case. You have a brilliant product idea. The challenge - How to build the product using the right technology, at the minimal cost and using innovative revenue models.

Getting yourself an equity technology partner for your software startup is essential…and hard to find. The challenge is to find a “technology partner” that understands your needs and software development and can turn ideas into software.

Axara has been in the forefront of building products for startups with the right mix of technologies , delivery models.. and what’s more important innovative costing models to ensure you launch the product at the lowest cost.

Several startups across the globe have benefitted from our unique model of working with Product startups and will stand testimony, if you need.


Interested in translating your vision to reality…Reach out to Axara ( and we will share our experience with you and discuss the roadmap for your new venture..