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Supply Chain Management

Axara’s service offerings span the full spectrum of the supply chain lifecycle. These offerings range from evaluation and implementation of supply chain solution frameworks to post-implementation and integration of these frameworks with other back-end enterprise applications.

Axara offers the following services for developing solutions based on ERP packages:

  • Evaluation and Supply Chain Management Implementation
  • Post- Supply Chain Management ImplementationData migration and upgrade
Evaluation and Supply Chain Management Implementation Services

Axara’s services feature end-to-end Supply chain management implementation solutions. Our project planning and execution methodology leverages the right resources with the appropriate mix of skills to achieve speedier implementations.

Axara’s evaluation and supply chain management implementation services include:

  • Mapping business processes into existing legacy/ERP systems
  • Integrating ERP with SCM
  • Implementation and rollout services

Post-Supply Chain Management Implementation Services

Axara’s post-Supply Chain Management implementation services include:

  • Maintenance
  • Reporting
  • Integration

Axara provides ongoing support and maintenance for installed Supply chain management solutions from ERP vendors and third party providers. Axara offers 24x7 coverage on an SLA framework. The application maintenance-specific methodology focuses on service levels and key performance indicators to deliver expected and acceptable support.

Axara’s strong production-support metrics data management enables root cause analysis for application support requirements. It also helps reduce call volumes and user problems over an agreed upon tenure.


With demonstrated expertise in the planning and execution of projects to enhance existing SCM implementations, Axara provides implementation of many planning processes, as well as OLAP reporting for business analysis and decision support. Axara offers technical support for maintenance of SCM interface, reporting and analysis.


Axara’s solutions integrate existing ERP systems with SCM applications. Our interface monitoring and analysis tools help to provide suitable alerts for analysis and corrective action by users. Axara delivers seamless integration of third-party SCM products to the ERP backbone. To ensure successful operational execution, Axara provides post-supply chain management implementation user training and process orientation, while applying legal changes and enhancements, and fixing existing application errors.