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Axaflow - SAP SoD Tool

Are you worried about unauthorised access to critical SAP systems and confidential information?

Are you struggling to gain visibility into risks and controls across your organisation?

Are you able to identify and address segregation of duties (SoD) conflicts effectively?

Do you require a health-check of your organisation in terms of SoD conflicts, based on best practices controls?

Segregation of duties (SOD) has always been an important component of the control environment because its impact in fraud prevention and the alignment between IT and the business. SOD enhances the IT principle of minimal privilege. Both manual tasks (eg. approvals by signature) and system roles should be included in these audits. The type and number of conflicts between transactions are always a challenge for SoD scoping.

The current regulatory environment worldwide is one that demands enterprises take measures in order to ensure the integrity of their finances, data, processes and employees.

The implementation of SoD controls serves to:

  • Mitigate process risks associated with functional business areas;
  • help to ensure that no one person is able to conceal errors and/or irregularities, cause the inaccurate or incomplete reporting of financial information and commit fraud, theft, or other illegal acts; and
  • facilitate maker and checker process controls.

If you need a tool-based approach to implementation of SoD at your organization, checkout Axaflow- SAP SoD tool.