Knowledge. Creativity. Values.

Value Addition Model

Axara creates tremendous value for customers using our unique business value addition model. We hire the most talented and creative set of people who are passionate about technology and making a difference to customers and society.

Our Strengths

Axara nurtures leaders at all levels in our organization and some of our strengths today include:

  • Our culture and core values.
  • Our exceptional people and customer focus.
  • Strong HR, Mentoring & Talent Nurturing programs.
  • A culture that puts continuous learning and discovery at the heart of all engineering practices.
  • Exceptional skills with Technology & Software Development Methods driven by Best Practices.
  • Consistent, high quality results based on Six Sigma, CMM, ITIL and other industry standards.
  • Continuous Process improvement based on Kaizen and Lean Software Development methods.
  • Deep domain knowledge across industry verticals.
  • Axara’s unique value addition model and deep commitment to excellence creates exceptional, long term, sustainable value for customers.

We are powered by exceptional, talented and dedicated people who are in turn driven by our core values of integrity, honesty, mutual respect, innovation, personal excellence and a customer first business philosophy.